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Tanzania, Makonde wood, slightly shiny, blackish brown patina, of oval hollowed form, marked by a voluminous disc-shaped lip plug and big p...

Makonde wood, brown patina, blackened in parts, in shape of a standing female figure with lip plug and inset glass eyes, a round seat with ornamented rim, min. dam., fissures, traces of insect caused damage, slight traces of abrasion, on base; the general denomination for this disc was "pelele". The largest discs were only allowed for women who had given birth to at least seven children. H: 37,5 cm

Africa | Body mask "ndimu" from the Makonde people of Tanzania | Wood; dyed reddish brown

Pregnant Woman Mask, Makonde, Tanzania H: 61 cm (24″), W: 31 cm (12,2″) This special body mask, carved from wood with breasts and swollen stomach and adorned with Makonde scarification bars which are symbols of tribal pride and beauty. The body mask along with a matching female face mask is worn by a male dancer. He performs a mesmerizing dance that dramatizes the agonies of childbirth. READ on

Tanzania/Mozambique - Makonde Helmet Mask (Detroit Institute of Art)

Tanzania/Mozambique Makonde Mask | by RasMarley

Makonde Helmet Mask, Tanzania - Sotheby's

Africa | Body mask from the Makonde people of Tanzania and Mozambique | Wood, glass beads, shells and natural fiber

Helmet Mask (lipico), Makonde

MAKONDE MASK Tanzania. H 17.5 cm. Terracotta.