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Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide to Skeletons [Infographic] | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide to Skeletons [Infographic]

Other Infographics - Science Infographics. Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide To Skeleton. Interesting Facts About Animal Skeletons.

“Wrapping up the lighthouse drawing.”

“Wrapping up the lighthouse drawing.” Lighthouse- Bold black and White Waves- Blue ink, white paint as foam

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Wine Regions in Game of Thrones

Map of Territories in Game of Thrones.just started watching the first season and i'm hooked! Winter is Coming. Oh you poor thing, you know nothing of hooked until you start in on the books.

If you need a brief intro to Game of Thrones TV series characters, major houses, and members, you've come to the right place. Decide which noble family you think should ultimately gain all the power!

Other Infographics - Game of Thrones Infographic. "Game of Thrones" - The Major Houses and Their Members. Game Of Thrones: Major Houses & Members.

Robert F. Hand.....love this! I see figures the same way,: very structured  shadow becomes a separate shape.

Robert F. Hand: title unknown [study of female nude, rear-view], drawing in sierra contes on paper.