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Fairyopolis : a flower fairies journal by Cicely Mary Barker Do you believe in fairies? Protected and hidden by a society of Fairy lovers for over 80 years the secret fairy journal of Cicely Mary Barker is available for the first time ever to the public. Learn what really happened during that magical Summer of 1920 when Cicely Mary Barker discovered the secret world of the Flower Fairies. 2 copies at Bozeman Public Library

from Foursquare

Bozeman, MT

IPS Install - Bozeman Public Library

Bozeman Sculpture Park. Stroll through a pathway lined with interesting kinetic sculpture on your way to Peet's Hill from the public library.

Stephen Gardner, of Sun Valley, Idaho, has made it a routine to visit the Bozeman public library when he's in town visiting his daughter. The library recently announced plans for staying open on Sundays. Photo by Mike Greener/Chronicle.

North Coast Limited in Bozeman Pass, Montana, at this scenic pass near Bozeman, Montana, westbound Northern Pacific trains enter the Rockies to pass a total of 28 mountain ranges en route to the Pacific Coast. by Boston Public Library, via Flickr

The Barmuda Triangle. The Molly Brown, HaufBrau, and Scoop Bars. If you want "real" Montana here it is. Just don't be surprised if you get in a fight with a very large woman...