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Hey there! Welcome to my hentai/personal blog where i post things that i enjoy or i vent my thoughts about whatever ^^ A little about me: My name is Taylor I am 22 years old, Male, Straight, Single,...

Drawing hair tutorial ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | キャラクターデザイン • Find more at

"Main street (East)" by Gilles Tran. Digital rendering. If you follow the link, there is a 360º panorama of this for Quicktime VR. If you have Quicktime, just click on the Quicktime thumbnail once the page loads. Works in Java too, if you click on the Java thumbnail. The detail is amazing.

she was found next to a garbage singing safe and sound. shes cheerful and if shit hits the fan she is still happy even tho inside shes dieing slowly. she wants a home of love and happiness

She was the girl everybody knew but nobody talked to. Her hair was a wave of color, shimmering and mesmerizing. Her dress held all of the galaxies, stars and planets ever known. Her name was Galaxy. --- I sit down at the lunch table in the back of the cafeteria, everyone else was laughing and talking with friends, but I was alone. I felt nothing of it, and smiled as I started eating.

I love the look of a dark sky full of a million stars. I like how the artist has chosen to paint the foreground and girl all black like they didn't want to take the attention away from the sky.