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Snape really knows how to woo the ladies. I think you'll laugh as hard as I did. Or at least smile.

I don't have a crush. I am the friend.

Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory relatable post: Your crush walks by and your friends give you this look.

I really want to learn to write in Elven...

How to Write in Elvish. The languages developed by J. Tolkien and featured in The Lord of the Rings series have come to be studied and used in various capacities by many ardent fans. Though a few of Tolkien's various Elvish dialects.

Is it bad that I'm actually crying from laughing so hard?

Snape doing everyday things…

Funny pictures about Just Snape Doing Everyday Things. Oh, and cool pics about Just Snape Doing Everyday Things. Also, Just Snape Doing Everyday Things photos.

One Last Thing Before I Go by Jonathan Tropper

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Fiction: Struggling with his ex-wife's imminent marriage to a nice guy and his Princeton-bound daughter's unplanned pregnancy, a bewildered Drew Silver tackles difficult family dynamics and refuses to undergo a life-saving operation.

“the end of an Aries/Taurus friendship” Taurus’ big mouth wouldn’t get a pass with Aries

Community Post: 150 Brilliant "Harry Potter" GIFs That Show The Magic Never Ends ~this GIF is just fun to watch

I feel bad that Ron got 'The Boy Who Doubted,' why not 'The Boy Who Returned,' or 'The Boy Who Loved?' He is judged for a brief moment of weakness

Harry Potter ~ The Boy Who Lived; Hermione Granger ~ The Girl Who Knew; Ron Weasley ~ The Boy Who Doubted; Ginny Weasley ~ The Girl Who Waited; Neville Longbottom ~ The Boy Who Could Have Been; Luna Lovegood ~ The Girl Who Believed

Artifact #10: Starbucks is adapting the series to sell coffee. Metaphor: Literacy as adaptation. Also literacy as power: the power of popular culture combined with consumerism to sell you stuff. Maybe connect this with what Brandt says about literacy and economics.

Fans seem to bring back Harry Potter with every opportunity the can get. This sign at Starbucks is brilliant. It's hilarious and I know as a Harry Potter fan myself, I'm tempted to go into this Starbucks and buy something off the menu.

I don't know why, probably because I pinned this at six in the morning, but this made me laugh REALLY hard

that's from Pocahontas! Can you sing will all the voices of the mountain, can you paint with all the colors of the wind