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Norwegian Christmas beer,  nice design

80+ Effective Minimalist Packaging Designs

Just for the bottles"Norsk Ol" Brand Norwegian Beer Bottle Gnomes! Amazing packaging design by Ryanna Christianson.

Ballistic Brewing: Designed by Stranger & Stranger

Ballistic Brewing

Harpers Wine & Spirit: Get engaged design awards. Silver medal for Copestick Murray's Bumble Bee golden ale, packaging design by Stranger & Stranger

LightBulbs Packaging

Ginnova LightBulbs Packaging by Jiun Bao Law

Don't think I'll be making this, but I like the idea.  Great gift.  Lasercut wooden six-pack holder.

Cut Your Own Wooden Six Pack Holder

6 Packer Reusable Laser Cut Wooden Beer Bottle Carrier is Retro Attractive

UNA Wine Packaging  |  Agency:  Aldo Cibic of Cibicworkshop  |  http://www.cibicworkshop.com/

Blue Seal Branding

UNA wine bottles - by Cibicworkshop of Milan. Bottles were designed for wine made with grapes from each of Italy& wine regions, marking the anniversary of the country& unification.

Raise this glass when you pass your comps, to celebrate a successful thesis review, or over a bottle of wine shared with your lab partner.   Add this one to your wish list!

Wine Chemistry Stemless Glass

Wine Chemistry Stemless Glass -- Ok we KNOW that you know that there’s alcohol (EtOH to be precise) in your wine… but what else is in there? This wine chemistry flaunts the.

40 Outstanding Examples Of Packaging Design

40 Outstanding Examples Of Packaging Design