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zebra finches photo by jon thornton My daughter had 20 of these birds living in a huge cage in our kitchen 9 years ago. They are such cute little chirpy birds.

We have a ton of these little guys in the aviaries at work... they are ridiculously cute and very sassy!

Zebra Finch. Very easy birds to keep as pets. Easily mated, they lay their eggs and teach their young to fly in the aviary.

Deserves a round of applause , oh no !! She's having a blonde moment = someone call a vet !! = she heard me say deserved a round of applause and immediately complied by clapping before waiting for the wee bird to fly off !! What a 'bird brain ' to do such a stupid thing !! ✔️

Zebra Finch Mutations | by jeffreymelvinread » Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:09 am

from BBC News

Simple rubber device mimics complex bird-song

Zebra finch

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