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priscilla ann wagner

Priscilla-Ann Wagner with an Elvis Presley Long Play Vinyl Record

Audrey Vinyl

Audrey Hepburn - Celebrities and vinyl, Celebrities and Records.

elvis presley

Elvis Presley dropped by The Commercial Appeal on the night of June 1956 and found an offbeat note. He saw a story that a Canadian radio station was banning his records. "A lot of people like it," was one of his comments.

back in love with vinyl My turntable project

back in love with vinyl My turntable project

Damon Albarn of Blur (& Gorillaz)  bet he broke that Elastica LP into a mil pieces haaa

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Elvis Presley  Photobooth. The Art of the Automatic Portrait

Elvis Presley puts a nickel in the booth, takes pictures worth thousands. It's good to be the King.


Elvis with daughter Lisa-Marie.Just a loving Dad and not the "King of Rock 'N Roll" - What a lovely picture.