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Military Suicide Prevention | Stop Soldier SuicideStop Soldier Suicide

All proceeds from the Veterans Day Collection will be donated to Stop Soldier Suicide-a non profit dedicated to preventing soldier suicides.

More Military Suicides Than Combat Deaths. US Soldiers & Suicide - PTSD & Psychiatric Drugs

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US Soldier Suicides Outnumber Combat Deaths In 2012

"My fear and the reality of the situation is that there is a “tidal wave” of military suicides coming and we have to be prepared to help these men and women in the fight of their lives." Brian Kinsella, Stop Soldier Suicide CEO

Mental healthcare (+ suicide prevention) for veterans must be a priority! #infographic

The military has never seen such an enemy: Soldier and Veteran Suicide. It's at an epidemic level. In 2012 alone, more Soldiers died by suicide than by vehicle accidents or even combat-related injuries. It's a fight we now must all take on to help our brave men and women survive the wounds we can't see, but that are killing them. Help us save lives. #stopsoldiersuicide

FACT #460: More U.S. soldiers committed suicide in Afghanistan than were killed in action there in 2012.