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Im a free market person a free trader. But if we had a market in California there would be competition. - Anna Eshoo #Anna Eshoo Politician American Competition

Just Keep Following "the PLAN", Folks! Thank you for your cooperation, and please folks, don't forget to file your tax returns by April 15th ... we wouldn't want any mishaps to occur before we get around to reviewing your file -- Now, would we?


Mark Twain On Politicians

Mark Twain knew exactly what politicians are made of...And that's why the people voted for a non politician. Cuz, NO MORE BULLSHIT!! GO TRUMP!!

Red Cloud — Sioux chieftain, sometime ally of Sitting Bull and mentor to Crazy Horse — was a brilliant politician and military tactician. Description from I searched for this on

Wouldn't be amazing for a man with a real heart instead of a wallet was elected President of the USA! That would be the first time since JFK! Sadly, with all the wing-nut gun crazy lunatics in the USA, Burnie would probably end up the same way as JFK. *sigh*