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striped thread, British Museum image - this reminds me of mums coloured letters painting and I could use words and a message to recreate it in this style.

Sustainability. This is a piece called Norwegian Sweater by Celia Pym. She took an old, damaged jumper that couldn't be worn and repaired it to create this. It reminds me of the 'make do and mend' attitude people used to have - proof you can turn something that is no use to anyone into something beautiful and functional again.

from Patternbank

Junko Oki - Woky Shoten

"A certain love of roughness is involved, behind which lurks a hidden beauty, to which we refer in our peculiar adjectives shibui, wabi and sabi. .. It is this beauty with inner implications that is referred to as shibui. It is not a beauty displayed before the viewer by its creator .. a piece that will lead the viewer to draw beauty out of it for themselves. ~ "The Unknown Craftsman: A Japanese Insight into Beauty", Soetsu Yanagi, Bernard Leach (Mandala of Mending by Junko Oko)

boro tutorial- ahh this is on my list. I've been calling it "hand quilting as you go" and I plan to write a class curriculum for quilting arts.

Boro posted on Sri Threads by Stephen Szczepanek, December 31, 2011. He posted 11 fascinating examples as an end of the year gift to his readers/followers.

When it comes to hand embroidered hoop art, purses, patches and jewellery, you can't get much better than the talented creations of İrem Yazıcı, otherwise known as Baobap Handmade.