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3. Los vengadores de Joss Whedon: Ha recaudado 1518,6 millones de dólares

Thor Movie Poster #5 - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery

KERMIT AHH LIFE'S A HAPPY SONG AAH!!!! | Tom Hiddleston and Loki

Together, they are weapons of utter mass destruction.

Captain AMERICA Chris Evans though

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Needs More Hawkeye, Because It's Clint Barton's Time To Shine

Hey, guys. So... it's been months. You're probably all thinking the worst. But, we're okay. Tired, bruised and battered, but okay. Things have been slightly insane recently. We're dealing with a mass prison breakout from one of SHIELD's facilities in New York, while trying to contain the others. But... I do have some good news...

SHIELD memo, from the desk of Nick Fury, re: "Shawarma Wednesdays" Now I want to see Mr. Stark mocking a cultural sensitivity course.

How Batman Should Have Defeated Bane