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i just can't get enough of this grumpy cat:)

Stevie Wonder - I just called to say I love you . Tard the Grumpy Cat - Wrong number =D

Catvertising 2013 has been the year of the cat! Over 15 percent of all internet traffic is cat related! #jmhhacker

Sure, I’m not going to deny that I like Tarder Sauce, the Grumpy Cat. Or, I should say that I appreciate the memes that sprang up around this cat’s…interesting likeness.

My sentiments exactly.

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Grumpy Cat (born April 4, 2012), real name Tardar Sauce, is a cat and Internet celebrity known for her grumpy facial expression.

The only thing better than old Tard.is new Tard! LIKE our page for original Grumpy Cat and other funny pets:.

My grandma and I had a conversation like this and my grandma said "I don't know where old people would be without life alert!" I said "On the floor"

Fun Claw - Funny Cats, Funny Dogs, Funny Animals: Funny Cats - 25 Pics This is so funny, because it's true!

Grumpy Cat can't wait to buy this shirt.

Who is gonna buy a shirt like this? Oh, well...

I Will Kill You for the Shirt Off Your Back. Shut up and take my money!

I normally am not a fan of grumpy cat... but I actually found this comical in a sick twisted way.

Grumpy Cat: Image Gallery

Introducing Tard the Grumpy Cat. A special guest starring role in amongst all my beloved dogs:). Because he saves me the trouble of having to highlight the general suckiness if cats. Thanks, Tard:).

dude, i feel soooo sorry for 1D. they couldn't do that bc everyone would try to sneak them out......

Taylor Swift in a mosh pit? Drop her! Sorry Rachel Alleman but its soooooo funny !

Life #lol #laughtard #lmao #funnypics #funnypictures #humor  #thegrumpycat

30 Grumpy cat Funny Quotes cat memes This is my Mom, when I ask her the same question!