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Do your students struggle with ordering decimals? My Place Value - Ordering…

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Balancing Checkbook Task Cards

Balancing checkbook task cards. A check register acts as an answer sheet. Students can complete the tasks in any order. Great for teaching Consumer Math.

Free task cards covering the following math concepts: rounding, decimals (all operations), greatest common factor, least common multiple, & combining like terms. The following paid products are also available: math mazes for equations, distributive property, proportions, integers, & order of operations. Math fluency activities covering one step equations, basic math facts, proportions, integers, fractions to mixed numbers, fractions in simplest form, decimals & percent conversions…

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Rounding Assessments for Google Classroom using Google Forms. Assess Student understanding instantly without having to grade. 3 Google Form Assessments. Rounding to the Greatest Place and Rounding to Varied Place.

Butterfly Fractions. Another way how to learn how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators.

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Sequence Reading Passages K-2

Looking for something that will help your students with sequential order? This…

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Place Value Caterpillars (for display and reference)

Place Value Caterpillars ( for display and reference)These adorable Place Value Caterpillars will help your students remember the order of Place Value! Differentiated in three levels!This set includes:A. 3 types of place value caterpillars to use as bookmarks or to tape on student desks as a reference.B.

Students practice ordering numbers, using ten frames and finding greater than, less than, and equal to with Halloween Racers. Sorting mats are included.

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Linear Equations Flippables

Could do something similar for integrated science and defining the variables for power, velocity etc.

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Place Value Sorting

Place Value Sorting - Print and Go kit.