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Meantime is another new and somewhat Americanized brewery in the UK. None of their offerings were served from casks and all again had a somewhat American flair to them.

The attempts at American styled pale ales by the British brewers were sometimes excellent, sometimes completely amiss. As most of the examples I tried were served from casks, they always came off as something of a hybrid Anglo-American type of thing.

The biggest beer I had while in London, Celt's Brigid Fire served at Euston Tap, a spot on British rendition of an American rye IPA, albeit served from a cask, with all the citrus and pine notes one would expect from an American IPA.

The original Budvar Budweiser, from which our massive American brewery hijacked its name. To my palate, there wasn't much difference from what I was used to. Interestingly, one Brit I encountered was under the impression that “all American beer” was like a watered down version of this. Despite the major influence the American craft beer market has had here and overseas, it’s still a seemingly small piece of the beer pie.

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The Euston Tap

Undercurrent, an American pale ale from Siren Craft Brew, a brewery in Berkshire, served at Euston Tap in central London.

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The Barrowboy and Banker

My favorite line-up of English ales came from Fuller’s, which seemed to me like an English version of my favorite American brewery.

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Kulshan Brewing Company

I’m a porter fan, and to my delight nearly every place I visited during a recent Washington brewery adventure had their own.

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Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co.

An absolute gem of a brewery which doubles as a coffee shop with extravagant pastries, Three Forks Bakery and Brewery in the small mountain town, Nevada City, California.