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"Niki will talk technical to people, but I have a different view of GP racing. I think it is really about is getting in the car and putting your foot down. Obviously, the driver has to have a hand in setting the car up, but you dont have to get involved in a whole load of technicalities. When reporters come up to me and ask why I adjusted the front roll bar by 1.5 centimeters, I probably dont even know its been done." - James Hunt


Titanic Lessons, Experiments, Activities, and More!

Create Titanic waterfall booklets to keep track of all the interesting information students learn during your study on the great ship.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

HASS Year 5 Australian History Gold Rush Timeline Foldable Updated

HASS - This activity allows students to create a chronological timeline of the major events of the Australian Gold Rush. There are two options for this activity; the first is to create an expandable timeline and the second is to create a linear timeline. The information has been provided for the students to read and sort in chronological order and glue on to their timeline.

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Grandchildren of the Windrush quit Britain for a better life in the Caribbean

Shadows fled past me. I could feel them, more so then I could see them. It was as if I was in slow motion, unable to move as they fled. Fled from what? The answer came swift as a pain ripped through her stomach. She looked down to find a dark dagger pressed into her abdomen, and a swirl of dark air fused together to form a hand. And what once was a blur was now a face, controlled and deathly, looking back at her.