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H.M Airship “Spirit” by  Rich Plotczik http://goo.gl/SlBq0a Credit & Source found by Steampunk Tendencies Community

M Airship “Spirit” by Rich Plotczik [LINK] Credit & Source found by Steampunk Tendencies Community

The fantastic city of the past

laljipota: “Outstanding steampunk oil paintings of Airships by German based artist Vadim Voitekhovitch.

Steampunk ~ lamp I'd like to have this lamp on a old steamer trunk or roll-top desk.

Steampunk'd is the best place where you can find images, videos, photos, books and information related to the steampunk, dieselpunk and atompunk subcultures.Cover image by

The Mariner's Hourglass- I love the details of this. That and an hour glass is really just another form of time keeper ;

If it turns out my GameBoy is in irreparable condition, it gets case-modded or hacked somehow.

Steampunk Gameboy Steampunk Gameboy Creative skin for Nintendo’s handheld video game system.

Epic Simile- In Book 21 of The Odyssey, Penelope holds a contest to determine who she is going to marry now that Odysseus is gone. Odysseus arrives disguised as a beggar and asks if he could give it a try. The other men laugh and mock him. When Odysseus pulls the string, it is compared to the stringing of a harp because he does it so gracefully and effortlessly. He then easily shoots the arrow through the head of 12 of the men competing for Penelope's hand in marriage. (He never breaks a…

My bow and arrows are my weapons of choice. The bow turns into a bracelet and the arrows change into hair pins when I'm not using them. I can also use a sword.