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Dr Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory, Dr Gregory House - House, Capt Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Carribean, Sherlock Homes - Sherlock, Tony Stark - Iron Man Just get rid of gregory and throw in the doctor. This will be fun

All villains have a purpose for their actions... and then there is the jocker you silly goofball

All villains have a purpose for their actions

Every villain has a reason. Then there's the Joker. Every super hero movie fan knows these are the facts even though they are villains that doesn't mean they're any less important!

Time to go

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - my friend and I say this in every movie that's not pirates of it looks like that quote belongs there. I love this quote.

So much yes

Funny pictures about Pirates Of The Caribbean Selfies. Oh, and cool pics about Pirates Of The Caribbean Selfies. Also, Pirates Of The Caribbean Selfies photos.

The office Jim Halpert Face. I actually do this... because I'm awesome.

The office Jim Halpert Face. because I'm awesome./Jim Halpert is my spirit animal

Sheldon would have a stroke.

If they were stuck in an elevator for 24 hours. They wouldn't be stuck in the elevator for 24 hours.

Gurl dont be Insecure! #1D #funny

Own that ponytail, work that updo! This video is so funny!

So I saw this post about another post, and..

Do you even age ? Thomas Brodie-Sangster possesses the secret to eternal youth. Once the two guys at the top hit thirty they're gonna age horribly. Eminem is Booom mind blown out of universe!

#TBBT Sheldon and Amy

The Big Bang Theory aww how cute

~Skylar Astin~ Haha, I would volunteer immediately!  Skylar Astin is a very, verry cool person. <3

Berries have great celebrity crushes (73 photos)

Pitch perfect & hunger games and my BFF # fave movies