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What is with that micromanagement? A good husband should do it with out the need of whipping. That lady needs to train him better.

Antique Print of Catherine of Aragaon - King Henry's first wife. Divorced to marry Anne Boleyn.

"Yours as long as life endures", Katheryn Howard 5th wife of Henry VIII by The National Archives UK

Relationships never die a natural death. They are always murdered by Attitude, Behavior, Ego, or Ignorance Picture Quote #1

Catherine of Aragon was the first wife of Henry VIII and consort. Six pregnancies produced only one surviving child, Princess Mary (later Queen Mary I). She was the heir presumptive, at a time when there was no precedent for a woman on the throne. The Pope refused to allow the annulment of Henry's marriage to Catherine. The refusal set off a chain reaction that led Henry to break with the Roman Catholic Church, the establishment of an independent Church in England and his marriage to Anne…

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'Frivolous Carla Bruni is a modern-day Marie Antoinette' claims new book

Marie Antoinette – the choker queen.

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Catherine Howard, Queen of England

Catherine Howard was the fifth wife of King Henry VIII of England. portrait by Holbein, 1540. after just seventeen months of marriage to the king, she was arrested for adultery. The king was distraught king

This is the only surviving letter written by Henry VIII's 5th wife, Catherine Howard. It was written in the spring of 1541 to Thomas Culpeper, roughly eight months after she married the king. After Catherine's fall from grace, Culpeper was among the men charged with committing adultery with the queen. It was a treasonable offense, and he was executed for it along with Francis Dereham.

Catherine of Aragon was born in 1485 & died in1536 at the age of 50. Her father was Ferdinand ll of Aragon and her mother was Isabella of Castile.

Driver insults Husband after Raping his Mentally Unstable Wife There was chaos at Iya Abiodun bus stop Ifo area of Ogun State after a security guard Abdullahi Muhammed caught a 60-year-old trailer driver Lawal Bankole allegedly having sx with his wife Tope on their matrimonial bed. The matter was so bad to the extent that the two men could have killed each other but for the timely intervention of residents who separated them. The suspect was said to have fled the scene but was later…