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Photograph of Alice Paul, seated at desk, in profile, speaking on telephone, June 1913 | Tumblr

Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested after protesting near Buckingham Palace. London, 1907-1914.

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Margaine-Lacroix and the dresses that shocked Paris

The year 1908 marked the true turning point in fashion, when the stiffly corseted, heavy-bosomed ideal of the Fin-de-Siècle, with its attendant bulk of rustling underwear, finally became demodé, and the slender new twentieth century silhouette was launched. Margaine-Lacroix’s important rôle in bringing about this great fashion change, has long since been forgotten, in part due to the attention today accorded to Paul Poiret and the influence of the Ballets Russes. (text from RBKC Libraries…

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This Design by Paul Poiret was in an advertisement for Costume Tailleur in the Journal Femina dated 1906, before the Parisian oriental flamboyant craze arrived instigated by Leon Bakst’s costumes for the the Ballet Russes in 1910.

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Interior Decorating with Plants

Blossoming almond tree: in Hebrew tradition, almond trees were associated with the idea of Awakening. It's beautiful <3

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23 Pictures That Prove Punks Are Actually Total Softies

The punk subculture is often vulnerable to society’s tendency to over-react and cause a kind of hysteria about the threat these young people apparently pose to society (Haenfler 2014, p. 9). The media often perpetuates negative stereotypes of young punks and subsequently many people outside the subculture also take on these views. Whilst being a part of the punk subculture can actually be very positive, moral panics cause it to be seen as nothing but a breeding ground for trouble and…

Sword Photography Photographer & Copyright: Paul Gisbrecht Theme: Warrior Photographed in the Tyrolean Alps