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MLK I'm sure is rolling over in his grave at the antics of obama and today's politics. He had a dream. We have a nightmare.

I put this here because it kinda fits with daryl. Also, norman reedus said that when he started off in LA, he would give dirty looks to everyone that passed by him, just because he was scared/introverted or something (not that he actually hated anyone)

"The oppressor rarely sees itself as oppressive, if it could see itself, for what it is, it might fall and weep"-Ghandi

12 Greatest Jon Stewartisms

COPY THIS: According to Jon Stewart, "________." ADD your thoughts, and WRITE for 12 minutes. **Standards: W2, W9, L2 (developing topics using quotations, establishing a formal style, drawing evidence from text to support analysis, punctuating direct quotes) Lesson source: (Poster link listed below)

  These are some of my collection…I've gathered from all over the internet, I've made none of these but can't find where to link them all too, so if one is yours please let me know and I would love to give credit where it is due.

10 Nonconformists On How They Changed The World

Noam Chomsky, who challenged accepted ideas of linguistic theory. / 10 Nonconformists On How They Changed The World (via BuzzFeed)