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Bride on her way to wedding, Fuzhou, Fujian, China, ca. 1910s

Chinese Wedding Sedan Chair This image of a Sedan Chair, is entitled “Bride On Her Way To Wedding, Fuzhou Fujian China” and was taken from Ralphrepo’s photo stream (if you are wondering about the basket, think “wedding veil”)


High Fashion appeal/ Chinese elegance paired with finger wave hairstyle which originated in paris

1930's Chinese singer, actress & beauty Zhou Xuan (周璇)

The old Shanghai period refers to the years from the to it was a glamorous time when many famous female stars shined in history sky.

Chinese Beauty, Shandong, China, ca. 1900  This might be a prostitute judging from her look. When photography was first introduced to China, many prostitutes had their photos taken, probably for self promoting- Nan Luan

From the album of a german colonist. China, Shandong / Around Is she holding an opium pipe in her hand?