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Some of the stranger old-timey photos you will ever see (36 Photos)

This is a pin showing a mask that clearly showcases absurdist nature and shows the quirkiness and comments on humans made. the crazy idea of the mask is a prime show of absudist theatre. the mask itself was used in a Ioneso play, an absurdist playwright.

Two 12-Year-Old Girls Stabbed Their Friend 19 Times, Saying Internet Meme "Slender Man" Told Them To

"Mam,,,I made a friend in the woods today, but he wouldn't even tell me his name..."

These Old Timey Costumes Will Creep You Out

Golly i love those old school halloweens. Dig the crazy hands these young ones have on aside from those crazy masks!!!

These Disturbing Vintage Photos Are The Creepiest Ever! Haunted Dreams. - Part 2 - grabberwocky

Haunted Air by Ossian Brown, with introduction by David Lynch. Brown compiled his favorites of freaky Halloween photos, all dating between 1875 and 1955, into a lovely new book titled Haunted Air. David Lynch wrote the introduction and Geoff Cox the afterword. Here is a glimpse of how the old, weird America celebrated All-Hallows Eve.

If You Get Through These 27 Vintage Photos, You Won't Be Sleeping Much Tonight