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Użyj STRZAŁEK na KLAWIATURZE do przełączania zdjeć

Użyj STRZAŁEK na KLAWIATURZE do przełączania zdjeć


Mavis Vermillion by Mansour-s

Natsus strongest enemy!!! by Misa-Misa007.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I had to do this I have travel or motion sickness too, when I´m in a car, a train. In my opinion Natsu had very strong enemie.

Fairy Tail - Gajeel, Natsu, Gray, Jellal, Levy, Lucy, Erza and Juvia

Gale, Jerza, Nalu, Gruvia idk wat it say but must say something lik wow<< its in russian it says "cute" in big letters and "whats up girls?) yes thats how cool i am ;

Jerza <3... Classic Erza move...

Even though it's jerza time, I still would do that to my boyfriend cx so cute!

No there aren't only three dragon slayers... Three are mores.<<< Three dragon slayers in Fairytail

Technically there are FOUR Lucy's. Edolas Lucy, furture Lucy, Gemini Lucy, and normal Lucy. Also there is 7 dragon slayers and 5 'cats'


Here's the whole thing I pinned the one of gray and nastu blushing haha XD