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"I will dance in your dreams. I will gallop through your heart. I will plant hoofprints on your soul." ~ Unknown That I will !

Never give up!

Love this horse quote! "It isn't about how many ribbons you win or how much money you make. Life's about doing something you love and never giving up.

this is seriously the best pin I have ever pinned. @Karolyn Bolay @Megan McCool @Lori Hendrix @Lana Steverson

haha, that moment a cute guy walks past and you're like "please come back.I love you" This is my life

Pferdesprüche & Pferde Zubehör-emma-pferdefuttershop.de. (4)

Pferdesprüche & Pferde Zubehör-emma-pferdefuttershop.de. (4)


This might have just convinced me to like minivans.don't get your hopes up.