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Black and White Panda Oranda Goldfish.

Calico. photo by Osamu Yamazaki. http://imagedive.co.jp

Small Calico by Osamu Yamazaki, Japan. photo by Osamu Yamazaki.



Black and White Ruykin by Goldfish Queen, via Flickr

Black and White Ryukin Goldfish

pic – breeds-oranda1

Lionhead goldfish

Information about Exotic Goldfish

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93b4dcb1389fb4431428371d5648a40a.jpg (569×379)

goldfish fancy fins watercolor by ~arjomar on deviantART Más


Black and red butterfly telescope goldfish.


The Tosakin fancy goldfish is characterized by its very amazingly beautiful…

Panda Oranda - Pearlscale?

Panda Oranda - Pearlscale?


White, light grey, and gold butterfly telescope goldfish.

Japanese goldfish, photo by Osamu Yamazaki

orange Japanese goldfish: Photo by Osamu Yamazaki

What a beautiful chinshurin, I love kingyo. (Aka Yay! Goldfish in Japanese)

What a beautiful chinshurin, I love kingyo. Goldfish in Japanese)

Goldfish of China

OMG panda butterfly fantail goldfish are so pretty ~ Kenzie

butterfly tail goldfish - Google Search

i love the tail!

New kinds and class quality Goldfish Index

Choose some index picture from every new kinds goldfish. and show it on your eyes in curtly.