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As Chicago quickly expands alternative schools with new, mostly online ventures, it’s clear that altruism is heavily mixed with profit-making savvy, according to a Catalyst Chicago/WBEZ investigation.

Killing the golden goose

Killing the Golden Goose: Teacher's Unions and Liberal Politics Poor Relationship with NY Charter Schools | The Economist

A school wanted to teach teens a lesson. So students were told their classmates died.

The drill at Wisconsin's Brodhead High School went too far, some students and parents say.

Oculus VR: ‘Classrooms are broken. Kids don’t learn the best by reading books’

SciFi to SciFact: Unhappily I believe in literacy for all as an illiterate population allows total control of information and interpretation by any governing body - Palmer Luckey thinks virtual reality can bring ‘real-world experience’ to more children – and become ‘more ubiquitous than the smartphone’

Another subculture of mine is the movies that I like. Get Smart is one of my all time favorite movies because it always makes me laugh no matter how many times I've seen it, and Steve Carrell is one of my favorite actors. I enjoy watching comedies like this one because it always puts me in a better mood, and also it lightens the mood of the people I'm with. Some other movies I have always liked are Tommy Boy and The Other Guys.