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Got 17 seconds? Watch Dr. Bruce Ruben's Wound Care Tip of the Day for a quick, nutritious way to help your body heal. (Click link for the recipe) #nutrition #protein #wounds #breakfast #lunch #snack

wound treatment charts | Wound care formulary:

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How to Dye a Gradient or Ombre Style Yarn

How to Dye a Gradient or Ombre Style Yarn. DIY yarn dying tutorial, showing you how to dye your own long, gradient yarn.

Burn Wounds - treat light wounds with cool water, bigger wounds with cold, damp wraps after calling ambulance. Do not remove fabric or other things stuck to the wound to avoid bleeding, clothes, jewellery, watches etc. that are not stuck to the wound should be removed.

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How to Attend to a Stab Wound

Attend to a Stab Wound: I have no idea why I would need to know this but hey, you never know


Wound Care

Wound Care review guide. Thisguide is designed to educate the patient or caregiver about various types of wounds, their prevention and care. Browse and download thousands of educational eBooks, worksheets, teacher presentations, practice tests and more at #nursing

wound treatment charts | How Should Physicians Assess and Manage Pressure Ulcers in the ...

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Chicken First Aid Kit & Sick-Bay. Be prepared.

Chicken First Aid Kit- Vetericyn is an amazing product and you should be able to get it a farmers supply stores or places like Tractor Supply

You can use duct tape to fix wounds | Clean the cut well - this is for emergency situations | add it to your First Aid or survival kit | Get medical help once out of the outdoors |

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B&W Ointment: An All Natural Burn Treatment

Burns Injuries and How to Treat Them - Infographic. During an accident or emergency, you should know about the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns and how to treat them. Learn how with this infographic, additionally you can use Burns and Wounds Ointment, which is described in full in this article: #treat #burns #emergencies