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Got 17 seconds? Watch Dr. Bruce Ruben's Wound Care Tip of the Day for a quick, nutritious way to help your body heal. (Click link for the recipe) #nutrition #protein #wounds #breakfast #lunch #snack

Does your horse's wound need a bandage?

What is depression? Understanding the difference between depression & feeling down. It can happen to each & everyone of us - so education & awareness is key. From TED-ED talks - Helen M. Farrell

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Wound Vac Therapy Information, Pictures and Cost

Describes the mechanisms of action of the KCI V.A.C. Therapy System. For more information about V.A.C. Therapy, please visit N...

An overview of wound care for horses, including a checklist for your first aid kit and when to see the vet. Download now.

Colon cancer is currently one of the most widespread cancer types among men and women, and even though there are numerous natural cures that prevent this diseases, medical professionals still consider that there aren’t enough researches that support the facts. It is shocking, in any event, that the exploration of today is ruled by the …