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Tiger cub on the move at Tiger Canyons in South Africa by Mems Carim

from Mail Online


Newly discovered leopard species, Bornean big cat.

Mr. Fox, who looks so wise, and he's got the wildly beautiful eyes.

Amur Leopard ~ The rarest cat on earth Absolutely stunning - is a leopard my favourite animal or what!!

The Vulnerable Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) is found in the Himalayan foothills, Myanmar and parts of Southeast Asia, southern China - and a subspecies on Borneo and Sumatra. -kc

Bengal cat is a hybrid breed of domesticated cat. A cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. Bengals have "wild - looking" markings like large spots and rosettes. They do not get their name from the Bengal tiger.

Rusty-spotted cat, the world's smallest wild cat

(Shifter Rp? Be whoever and you can be as many characters you want in it. Just take take over my characters please. I'm the leopard that's cuddling the black one. Please comment and add me so we can message please since I can't reply to comments) -I purr as I hug him. He growls lowly and pushes me off and walks away shifting to human form. I run forward and shift next to him. He glances at me and rolls his eyes-"put some clothes on Lila "-i look down and shrug and when I feel eyes looking…

Lynx ~ I do believe the two of them are smirking and thinking, "Come a little closer, we'll just sit here, come on, closer closer," and then they will spring into action. Well, look at them! kn