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The proper way to use a hoodie…

Lifehack: Turn Your Hoodie Into A Popcorn Holder Human version of the feed bag

An alternate universe - women bored out of their brains while...

An alternate universe - women bored out of their brains while their husbands shop.

Emergency Party Dress

Funny pictures about Emergency party dress. Oh, and cool pics about Emergency party dress. Also, Emergency party dress.


10 Fresh Memes Today!#5 Google The Cutest Thing In The World.


If I could be anything like these woman, it would be an honour! -- This is now one of my favourite posts😂😂


bahaha i can't explain how many times i explain names as "its like they fell asleep with their forehead on the keyboard". this is fantastic

ok, this is super perverted and I am not posting it to my page so I can remember to buy this shirt

My wife, was always after me to go shopping with her. Then I began wearing my new T-shirt. She doesn't want me to go shopping with her any more.

honestly though. i shouldn't have to lock my phone in order to decline

The first one is when you already answered the call xD man people are so gullible << no it’s not lmao the first picture is when your phone is unlocked. The second one is when it’s locked ( to decline you press the off button twice )

All of These #Brides Threw #Cats Instead of #Bouquets When They Got Meowied http://ibeebz.com

Someone Replaced Bouquets With Cats And It's Hilarious

All of These Brides Threw Cats Instead of Bouquets When They Got Meowied

Time is relative fam

Time is relative fam