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Lady Gaga sings backstage with VS Angels

Lady Gaga - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - November 2016

Adore the colour of this dress. Beautiful photo too. Evelyn Tripp in a v-backed, garnet velvet dress by Digby Morton, 1955169_n.jpg (Histoire de Mode Vintages on Facebook)

Anastasia is a centuries old witch who is madly in love with Manfred. Unfortunately, Manfred rarely acknowledges her existence. She is the last to join his task force of monsters but she is easily the most powerful. The witches in her coven keep telling her to bewitch Manfred into falling in love with her, but she refuses. She doesn't want his love like that....however she is getting desperate and a love potion sounds awfully tempting. Character belongs to Sam (pepperdaphoenix) Picture is…