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Stosch, Philipp von (1691-1757), engraving by Georg Martin Preisslers from the sculpture of Bouchardon

Stosch, Philipp von (1691-1757), engraving from a drawing by Pier Leone Ghezzi

Greaves, John (1602-1652), author of A discourse of the Romane foot and denarius, from whence, as from two principles, the measures and weights, used by the Ancients, may be deduced, London, 1647; engraving 1650

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Radierung von J. J. Preissler: Antikes Piedestal 1732/Etching Antique Pedestal

Philipp von Stosch (1691-1757), engraving by J. J. Preisler 1732

Mezzabarba Birago, Francesco (1645-1697), engraving from Occone 1730 (RIN 2000, p. 213, fig. 1)

Patin, Charles (1633-1693), engraving by Antoine Masson (1636-1700)

Folkes, Martin (1690-1754), engraving by by John Faber Jr, after John Vanderbank mezzotint, 1737 (1736), 13 7/8 in. x 10 in. (353 mm x 253 mm), London, National Portrait Gallery, purchased, 1966,NPG D4987

Leake, Stephen Martin (1702-1773), coin collector and author of: Nummi Britannici Historia; engraving 1803 by Thomas Milton

Folkes, Martin (1690-1754), engraving by William Hogarth

Pirckheimer, Willibald (1470-1530), author of Aestimatio priscorum numismatum, 1533; engraving 1524 by Albrecht Dürer