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from e.a. deverell

Writing Dialogue Worksheet

Creative Writing Worksheet – Dialogue (PDF) When it comes to writing dialogue, you could do worse than follow the rules of Just a Minute: no hesitation, repetition or deviation. It always amazes me that considering how much cheaper good dialogue is than CGI, stunts, sets, and costumes, it isn’t used to better effect. Theatre scripts provide excellent inspiration for good…

He looked down at his ball room, filled with the vermin he so despised as they drank his champagne and performed a poor waltz across his marble floor, he smiled at the as he pictured the room painted red with there blood when he court, that's when they first met eyes and when he first ever felt something other than disgust for a human.

Cane Hill, abandoned asylum. I was drawn to this image at first becasue of the type (this is something im interested in) i then was fasinated by the structure and depth thata the image holds. Becasue of the type this peice almost tells a story, we can see the 'Fire exit' the exit route that once was. The paint decay and rust adds to the details and ives that sense of growth and development.

Secrets had always been common in my family. "Some doors are locked for a reason." They'd cluck at me whenever I asked a question that they couldn't answer. But perhaps that reason was simply to discover who was brave enough to venture to the other side. So, in the endless darkness of the basement that seemed like miles away from another living soul, I found the door. And the key, decorated with banners of cobwebs, was still poised in the lock, awaiting a trembling hand to turn it. So I did.