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Watson through the seasons

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When it showed that it was in the past I fell onto the floor and screamed. ——— I was bawling by the end of the episode cuz it was a flashback and Moriarty wasn’t actually alive


I believe in Sherlock Holmes.<<- They had better make season 5 or I don't know what I'll do! << the Sherlock Fandom has officially been on hiatus for 281 days as of October 2017 so let's hope season 5 comes before anyone dies

The Bride and Bridegroom, Mary Morstan and Dr. John Watson, with Best Man #Sherlock Holmes:

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Sherlock season New photos from John and Mary’s wedding album. The Sign of Three

 obviously it wouldn't take even a minute for Sherlock to deduce that I like him

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My dad was talking to my mom and I heard him say "cumbersome" and I immediately interrupt with "Cumberbatch?" to which my dad just sighs deeply

"Now, I found, that the world is round and of course it rains everyday.  Living tomorrow, where in the world will I be tomorrow? How far am I able to see? Or am I needed here?" -Bee Gees

Sherlock and friends getting ready for bed! :D (I decided to put them all together so they didn't have to be separate pins ^_^)<<< awww

Pierwsze na wattpadzie imagify i preferencje z postaciami z Sherlocka… #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

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