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Amen. And by spoils I don’t mean gifts. I mean spoils me by sending sappy texts. Blows kisses. Stuff like that.

That is what I want! And a man who is a little no a lot high maintenance. Because I am pretty high maintenance myself and we have to match! Nice hair~ nice clothes and smells good! No tennis shoes with those jeans!

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Woman Down (The Marie Holmes.Money Cannot Buy You Happiness Edition) ~ Kingston Expressions

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Kno that. Yall keep tweakin tho chasing love & relationship. Life gon past that ass rih by. Now dont tweak & think im sayin dont fw nobody, nah. IJS do yu at the same time, dont lose focus on your goals & dreams. Time waits for nun.

ladies ur education career nd money will never wake up one day and decide to…


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I'm for sure not scared. Speaks more of their character than mine.  I just envisioned myself in a golden Toyota.  Right as it pulled in front of me.  Some broke girl is ticked off at me.

Correction you better have a lifeguard on standby and be wearing your life jacket! My waters are deep and the rip tide has no mercy!