does anyone else remember that MTV show/special where they went to schools where all the students had so much drama or fighting with eachother so they had these little group sessions where they tried to therapy these kids into getting along better? They mentioned how everyone only ever shows the top half of a iceberg and there is so much hidden beneath the surface. that is what this case reminds me of. but its so cute look its like an ice cream cone.

Just A Reminder In Case Your Mind Is Playing Tricks On You Today You Matter You're Important You're Loved And Your Presence On This Earth Makes A Difference Whether You See It Or Not

COLOR: I love the dead design from yesteryear. The color use in the 70s and early 80s was fantastic. It's like they stuck to the principles of the color wheel. This reminds me of old SONY VHS tape cases. It's hypnotic in a way.

Learn how to make this sewing portfolio with blogger @Kerry Green from verykerryberry on the Liberty Craft Blog #SewLiberty

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