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Magazine - JR & Jose Parla "The Wrinkles of the City" Havana, Cuba

"I’ve always been curious to learn from older people from different countries, from different cultures, their generations, and the different contexts, because with certain age comes a certain wisdom." - JR, renowned street artist

from Culture Trip

Exploring Melbourne’s Street Art Scene

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Travel Australia- Melbourne Street Art Graffiti and my outfit

Graffiti Hallway. The green color gives off a sense of serenity from afar; however, the images and colors give a sense of vibrancy. The hallway directs the eyes, yet the side images create a distraction and your eyes are continually pulled off the path.

Melbourne Street Art - I'm not sure if this can be classed under portraits, but this caught my eye for the sheer simplicity of it, a moment of movement, captured on something that is sturdy and unmoving.