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Monticello 20.4-ft L x 8.1-ft W x 7.6-ft H Metal Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Monticello 20.4-Ft L X 8.1-Ft W X 7.6-Ft H Metal Polycarbonate Greenhouse Mont-20-Al-Mojave

Bring a contemporary and stylish look to your dwelling decor by selecting this Aluminum Mojave Greenhouse from Monticello.

Stunning Flower Ball - Yahoo! New Zealand

Stunning Flower Ball

HOW TO: Create a Hanging Flower Ball. You don't need a large garden to enjoy springtime. Get back into my yard fun.

The best wasp/yellowjacket repellant for summer picnics: 2 ounces of mint extract.  2 ounces peppermint extract.  10 ounces rubbing alcohol.  Pour ingredients into spray bottle and label.  Spray down picnic area and play area.  The mint is neurotoxic to bees and wasps.  Somehow they know to stay away, but if you spray it on them directly it can also kill them.

The best wasp/yellowjacket repellant for summer picnics: 2 ounces of mint extract. Pour ingredients into spray bottle and label. Spray down picnic area and play area.

pine cones for mulch -- keeps cats and other animals out of gardening beds and also reduces mold/mildew since the pine cones aren't packed down like bark mulch or pine straw.

Pine Cone DIY

Beautiful Ideas for Living Fences// plant red climbing roses in them for sec. the thorns work wonders.

11 of the Best Fall-Blooming Flowers for Your Yard.. Toad Lily, Colchicum, Asters, Perennial Sunflowers, Blue Star Amsonia, Red Spider Lily, Goldenrod, Helenium, Beautyberry, Garden Mums, and Sedum. Click link for more information.

The Best Fall-Blooming Flowers for Your Yard

Fall garden flowers are fun to plant and really fun to see when the weather turns crips. Here are 11 absolutely stunning ideas for fall flowers throughout your yard.

Tips and tricks for growing hens and chicks - replanting some of these beauties from my parents!

Growing Hens and Chicks {Succulents}

Keep plant care tags on a binder ring for easy reference

Portable Garden

Plant info on a ring - love this idea for keeping info about your garden plants together.

If you�re looking for a beautiful addition to your garden that requires very little maintenance while offering a bountiful harvest year after year, then lavender is the plant for you! Learn what variety fits with your region and the best tips to grow it!

How to Grow Lavender in Every Climate

Lavender adds soft beauty to any landscape and has endless medicinal purposes for home use. Find tips to grow lavender in any climate on Gardener’s Path.

I’m always feeling like I’m learning things that everyone else already knows and this was one of those things. I was pretty excited to demystify this little gardening tid bit for myself though, so I’m sharing it with you anyway.  Chris has always been the one to make our gardens look all neat and …

How to Edge a New Flower Garden.Learn how easy it is to get those crisp, expertly-done flower gardens.

Top 5 Gardening Apps !

Top 5 Garden Apps You Need Today! (updated for 2017-18

Top 5 Gardening Apps You Need Now! We searched and searched and found some great gardening apps for you! - Gardening For Life

Roses tip

Art bury a banana peel 1 down at the base of a rosebush. The potassium will feed the plant and help it fight of diseases. ***Used banana peels, egg shells, coffee grounds and crushed Tums with calcium when planting tomatoes Sherry*** garden-yard-ideas

Teach kids about the importance of recycling organic waste and giving back what the earth has given you. Also makes great soil for the garden  #compost #recycle #organic

Composting 101