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St. James Palace, London. St James's Palace is one of London's oldest palaces and was built by Henry VIII between 1531 and 1536.

Travel alarm clock with luminous dots - I used to have one of these as a normal alarm clock lol

Possible cover idea; water reflecting a clock as the sun. Work with the girl somewhere, maybe not...

trapped with seemingly no escape... unless we turn the time ourselves


Tethys is just one of sixty two discovered Moons in orbit of Saturn.

I wish a man would greet me with an martini after a long day! Especially if he was Jon Hamm ❤️❤️❤️

In Greek mythology the Horae, ("seasons") were the Goddesses of the Seasons and the natural portions of Time. One group of Horae personified the twelve hours (originally only ten), as tutelary goddesses of the times of day. The hours run from just before sunrise to just after sunset, thus winter hours are short, summer hours are long: This Goddess of the Sixth Hour is named Mesembria, and She Personifies the Noon Hour. ((Perfect picture!!))

I've had a fish tank for a couple years now, and it's one of my favorite things in the house. Finding a tank that's also a design gem = genius.