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Winter Melon with Pork Shanks

Winter Melon with Semen Coicis and Pork Shanks Soup

Chinese Winter Melon 'Slow Fire' Soup ~ 冬瓜老火汤 -12 cups of water -1 winter melon, skin removed and cut into wedges -3/4 cup worth of dried scallops 干贝, rinsed quickly -1 free range chicken, skin removed -5 red dates, seeds removed -Sliced green onions, for garnish (optional) -2 inches worth of dried Chinese Smoked Yunnan Ham(云南火腿)

Chinese Winter Melon 'Slow Fire' Soup ~ 冬瓜老火汤 - nothing better than mellow flavor and texture of dong gua

Mustard Green with Pork and Salted Egg Soup

Mustard green with pork and salty egg soup

Cuisine Paradise: Winter Melon, Sweetcorn & Pork Ribs Soup

The weather for the past few weeks had being so hot and humid that we really need to have some cooling soup to cool down our body system.

Bitter Melon, Soy Bean with Figs and Pork Bone Soup

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Lotus Root & Pork Soup - The Woks of Life

Chinese Herbal Pork Ribs Soup - Herbal Bakuteh

Chinese Herbal Pork Ribs Soup - Herbal Bakuteh

Winter Melon Meatball Soup 1 pound ground pork 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1/2 bunch cilantro leaves, finely chopped 3 tablespoons soy sauce 2 tablespoons white sugar C & H White Sugar Granulated  $0.99 - Expires in a day  2 tablespoons minced garlic 2 tablespoons minced fresh ginger 2 eggs 6 cups water 2 pounds Chinese winter melon (dong gua), cut into 1 inch cubes 3 slices fresh ginger 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon white sugar C & H White Sugar Granulated  $0.99 -

Easy Winter Melon Meatball Soup recipe for family meals. Winter Melon Meatball Soup step by step making tips, ingredients, nutritions, servings, ready time and more.

Winter melon promotes diuresis, helps relieve body heat and remove water retention.

Chinese Winter Melon Soup

Quick and easy Chinese winter melon soup recipe with lean pork and straw mushrooms for busy days. This healthy Chinese soup is tasty yet delicate.