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My current job doesn't have as many as some previous jobs, but they are by far in the top 5% worst of all time.

I recently did this. I woke up and was like oh my god who cleaned my kitchen last night this is amazing. My next door neighbor was the only one with me and told me I did it. Huh...

Ha Ha this is for the PEOPLE who walk around thinking they are so much better than the next!! Gosh I know a few people like this....eyerollers, snotty, IMMATURE people thatthink their shit dont stink!

On correlation, causation, and the "real" cause of autism

This is what the parent of ANY type of Special Needs child wants to say to you when you blabber on about things you know NOTHING about. When they need qualified advice, they know where it get it. And guess what - it ain't you! Be kind, or be silent.