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WikiLeaks - The US strategy to create a new global legal and economic system--- This is not about the USA's power, this is about corporate power being the ultimate power beyond all nations. There is a vast difference. This is a danger to all nations!

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange - TPP Not Only Trade, 83% Is Fascists Controlling Our Daily Lives | Published Aug 13, 2016 | | "WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange knows more about the contents of the TPP than most members of Congress & described it in a 'Democracy Now' interview as being not formally classified but being treated as if it is classified in terms of how the information is being managed." Click to watch and share video (6:19).

TTP - In the third and final episode in our Trans-Pacific Partnership series, we take a look at the TPP Environment Chapter; would the treaty actually improve enforcement of environmental laws around the world?

World’s Richest 85 People Own Same Wealth As ½ The Global Population—3.5 Billion Poorest | 11/30/14

There is no question - the present 2016 US election strategies reinforce just how much so filthy, superficial, shallow & odious tactics, etc are all playing out. All bullshit & bluster to put it crudely. We have to jointly not be blinded to the fact that very little is being said or done to address the REAL issues about to hit us right where it hurts! Ignore that at your peril folks !

Get ready for TTIP | Published on Oct 31, 2014 | | In a world full of challenges, where democracy has been fought for around the globe, some people took action to make things even worse. Get ready for TTIP, the biggest bilateral agreement ever between the US and EU, designed by corporations for corporations.