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Jose Lemos - Ma Viele - Dansa Alta - Brio - 13th century. Recorded March 31,2008 at the College of Charleston Brio, founded by Steve Rosenberg in 2002, is devoted to the performance of Medieval, Renaissance, and Sephardic music. José Lemos, countertenor, Steve Rosenberg, recorders, Mary Anne Ballard, treble, tenor and bass viola da gamba, Danny Mallon, castanets, darbuka, riq (arabic tambourine), frame drums, shakers, wood block, agogo bells.

Saint John the Baptist, Possibly Antonio Pollaiuolo (Italian, Florence ca. 1432–1498 Rome), probably ca. 1460–80, Italian, Florence, Partly enameled gold set with diamonds and pearls, Diam. 2-1/4 in. (5.7 cm), Hat badges, or enseignes, widely worn by fashion-conscious Renaissance men, were often emblematic in subject. The patron saint of Florence is depicted on this one. Tiny metal loops are attached to the reverse so that the badge could be sewn to the hat.

Nicholas Lanier, a true Renaissance polymath, one of the most influential court musicians of the seventeenth century, was Master of the King’s Musick, as well as an accomplished artist and collector, given free reign to shape the Royal collection for Charles I, and given ear to the social élite, rumoured to be involved in political and ambassadorial espionage. This extraordinary portrait of an extraordinary man at the beginning of his career, is unprecedented in its virtuosity within the…