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FDA approves first-of-a-kind sleep apnea implant

The Food and Drug Administration approved the pacemaker-like device from Inspire Medical Systems for sleep apnea patients who have trouble with the current standard of care: machines that blow air through a bedtime mask.

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8 HOURS of Relaxing Music - Meditation, Sleep, Spa, Study, Zen

8 hours of relaxing relaxation music with an oriental flavor. Play on low volume in the background while chilling out, sleeping, studying or doing any other activities for a blissful ambiance and zen like experience. Music: Kevin Macleod

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow: A therapeutic cervical pillow with fillable water bladder. Provides outstanding comfort and support for the head and neck. Instantly adjusts to changes in sleeping position. Reduces neck pain, relieves associated headaches, improves quality of sleep. Thanks to @Ben Silbermann Silbermann ! #Pillow #Water #Neck_Pain