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Moth tan & black pattern

Brahmin moth - (Brahmaea hearseyi) Aliens on Earth: macro pictures of praying mantises and bugs by Igor Siwanowicz


Charaxes Brutus verso butterfly from Africa a real framed exotic rare butterfly in a handmade wood and glass butterfly shadowbox insect collection picture frame.

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Venezuelan Poodle Moth - Discovered in Venezuela in 2009, this new species of alien-looking moth is still poorly explored. Waiting for more info about them!

21 More Strange Animals You Didn’t Know Exist

The Venezuelan Poodle Moth is a possible new species of moth discovered in 2009 by Dr. Arthur Anker of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela. It bears similarities to the Diaphora mendica, the Muslin Moth, but most likely bel.

Deaths Head Moth...Silence of the Lambs anyone?

Death's-head Hawkmoth (Acherontia lachesis), an old bleached specimen still showing the classical skull-shaped head

Eu desejo muito tá com você, só que não vc me quê pra vc de longe! Eu já te amo de longe sem chegar muito perto de você! O que de fato eu quero é que esteja presente em minha vida que saia um pouco comigo sem muita cerimônia que seja livre quando estiver ao meu lado e esteja completa assim como sou com você, permita que toque um pouco seu coração!

Blue Butterfly on a Pink Flower – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

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onalandmine: small emperor moth - wrinkle me deep, o loved one- Real life Mothra

La falena Buff-tip (Phalera bucephala) si mimetizza come un bastone rotto.

This is pretty much the perfect camouflage. The Buff-tip moth (Phalera bucephala) avoids predators by disguising itself as a broken stick when at rest. Amazing photo by Sergei Talanov.

IPhotographer Ireneusz Irass Waledzik - collection of fascinating facet eyes of dragonflies, bees and flies.


Photographer Ireneusz Irass Waledzik - collection of fascinating facet eyes of dragonflies, bees and flies. ~Insect faces only a mother could love!