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End Vacuum by cartoonist Hassan Bleibel published on at Lebanese-Iraqi cartoonist Hassan Bleibel publishes in several Middle-Eastern newspapers including Lebanon’s Al…

15 Photos Of Libyans Apologizing To Americans

"We don't blink an eye at the money that we have been spending on perpetual warfare. We literally don't even, we don't sit here and go, "Who, trillions and trillions of dollars for warfare." But when we're talking about healthcare, which is our people and their well-being, we're shocked that it should cost us some money." ~ Mark Ruffalo

report this ad (UPDATED BELOW) So apparently the members of the Freedom Caucus are moving towards endorsing Paul Ryan for Speaker: THE HILL – A top leader of the conservative Freedom Caucus . . .

Didn't it occur to him that keeping the call center in MA would generate some jobs so there'd be less need for food stamps?

So, people in 25 states have now filed petitions to secede. Good luck with that and your newly formed gubment.

Oil-Loving Senate Contributes 'Significantly' to Climate Change

The KXL debate, and the failure of senators to accept factual statements about climate science, make it clear that democratic process is still being sabotaged by the oil lobby and elected politicians who put oil before country.