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How to Start a Fire After It's Rained

How to Start a Fire After It's Rained | More Than Just Surviving | Survival Blog | Preppers & Survivalists | Gear & Knives

How to make charcloth for a fire starting kit. I like using replacement wicks for oil lamps. You can find them on Amazon (Flat Oil Lamp Wick, 3/4-Inch) for around $4 per 3ea. These really catch a spark well and are very durable. We call it 'Super Charcloth'.

16 Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches - Being resourceful is not only important in survival situations and emergencies, it can come in handy every day. Some of the listed ways to be able to start a fire are difficult. Some are even a little ridiculous. But if you have the tools and need a fire, you will not care if it is ridiculous or difficult.

from Urban Survival Site

27 Survival Uses for Floss You Never Thought Of

Things like trash bags, chap stick, and pantyhose take up very little space and can be used in numerous ways for survival. And so can dental floss.

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