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>>> Checkered lawn | shigemori garden in kyoto, via Gardenista

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shigemori garden in kyoto Japan's master gardener Mirei Shigemori He designed the checkerboard garden—and three others, as well—for the Tofuku-ji Buddhist temple in Kyoto in

明月院の紫陽花 Meigetsuin, Kamakura, Japan #Hydrangea #紫陽花 #Kamakura

明月院の紫陽花 Meigetsuin, Kamakura, Japan #Hydrangea #紫陽花 #Kamakura

Gansen-ji temple #japan #kyoto*-*.  I visited Kyoto in 1978 and have wanted to go back ever since!

Blue and pink hydrangeas at the Kyoto Gansen-ji temple , Japan. Photo by Eiji Murakami taken on June 2009 in Kizugawa-shi, Kyoto Prefecture, JP, using a Canon EOS Mark II.

Early summer in Koto-in, sub-temple of Daitoku-ji, Kyoto, Japan

Early summer in Daitoku-ji temple, Koto-in Zen Temple, Kyoto, Japan -llove the stone work

祇園新橋 和山 gion shinbashi KYOTO JAPAN

祇園新橋 和山 gion shinbashi KYOTO JAPAN