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SFTC Custom Halter. I love showing model horses in Colorado. As a whole, our local community has everything you could hope for--great models, unique show halls and the nicest group of people around. If there's one area we're weak in, it's Custom halter horses. Custom divisions at our shows tend to be small, and a lot of the horses that do show up are somewhat less than top flight. Courtesy: Jennifer Buxton, Braynere Custom Saddlery. Aurora, Colorado (USA)

Susie at 2 yrs old! Courtesy: Cabinwood Farm, Middlefield, OH (USA).

The last supper. Courtesy: Linda Carson, 7 Miles South of Nowhere, New Mexico (USA).

Burro/ Donkey.....Burro meaning small donkey......Spanish word for Donkey *

Itsy Bitsy Front and Center "Beamer". Courtesy: The Red Gate Registered Miniature Donkeys. Centerburg, Ohio (USA).

"I Caught the Calf Standing and Licking the Donkey. The Donkey never knew what to think of being smooched by a calf. Might not have had an itch right there for the calf’s rough tongue." Courtesy: Robin Tucker, Spickard, MO (USA).

Mina White Donkey 1 year. Credit: Just Chaos Photography. Courtesy: Jean, Palo Alto, CA (USA).

Beautiful eyes... Est-ce Modestine ???