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Déjà présenté dans le Journal du Design (pour retrouver les articles, cliquez ici), Aakash Nihalani, artiste new yorkais spécialiste des formes géométrique

Aakash Nihalani is Back with More Playful Tape Illusions - My Modern Metropolis

Georges Rousse CLLC

George Rousse Derelict - Georges Rousse is a French photographer and installation artist. He paints geometric shapes in abandoned places and photographs them creating very intriguing optical.

design graphique, illustration, print

Imagine the Possibilities / Magpie Studio

Imagine The Possibilities. The complete series of illuminating thoughts from Robert Horne on Imagine Paper. Poster series by Magpie Studio.

Geoffroy Marie Florentine - Drawings

Marie-Florentine Geoffroy (aka Pretty Teeth) is an Artist / Illustrator based in France that creates drawings, fanzines and posters.

vjeranski:  Rebecca Ward

Rebecca Ward, American (b. Waco, TX Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Jee Draper

Gunilla Klingberg - The Doors, 2010 lacquered wood, door handle x x 111 cm